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October 18, 2013
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America was bored, as usual, and he had an idea for a fun game to play with England, he just needed to convince him. He walked to England's house and knocked on the door, carrying a back pack with him. "Yo England! Bro! Are you even home?!"

"Gah! Bloody hell! America! What do you want?!" England shouted, opening the door. His large, caterpillar-like eyebrows were furrowed over his emerald green eyes.

America was grinning like an idiot, something England was very familar too. "Dude! I am soooo bored! Let's play an awesome game! If I win, I get to do whatever I want to you! And the same goes for you if you win! I'll even... eat your rocks...." America gulped, a little pale.

"They're not rocks! Their scones you bloody git!" England retored. Then he stopped and thought about what America was offering. If he won, he could get America to possibly sit in Busby's chair! England tried not to smile and looked at America, he sighed. "Fine, I'll play your stupid game."

"That's great!" America grinned even more and dropped the back pack, pulling some clothes out of it.

England stared at the clothes. "Why do you have these clothes with you?!"

"They're part of the game! Here!" America replied, handing England a change of clohes that were all blacl. "The game is called cops and robbers! I dress up as a cop and you dress up at a robber! Then we run over the city, I'm trying to chase you so I can arrest you! Sounds like fun, doesn't it?!"

"No it doesn't you git! What is the purpose of this game anyway?!" England yelled.

"It's just a game for fun! I really want to do it, and there's no one else I can do it with!" America answered.

"What about China?!"

"He said he was busy doing something with Russia at his house...."


"He said he was with someone like Canadia...? I think he was lying though...."


"He told me he wanted to spend time with Germany!"


"He said he was busy with Norway...."

"Can't you bother the frog at least?!" England was frantic by now. He didn't want to play this game with America now.

"France didn't even pick up any of my calls...."  America sniffed. "I told you there was no else to do it with!"

England sighed and rubbed his temples. "Fine, fine. I'll play one round of your bloody game, happy?"

"Yes, thanks England! Now, let's get changed so we can start the game!" America shouted happily. "I'll give you a ten minute head-start when you're finished getting dressed!"

"Ug, fine...." He grumbled about not being a gentleman by playing this childish game.

America grinned aagain before going to England's bathroom to change into the cop uniform.

~Le Timeskip to England's headstart, brought to you by Pandas!~

England started out by wandering around the city, wondering what he's really supposed to be doing. He had absolutely no clue what to do even though America told him earlier. To be truthful, he ignored Ameria while he was explaining the rules and now he was walking around the city aimlessly.

America was back at England's house, checking his cell for the time. "England's still got seven minutes... but I'm still going to win though..." America smirked darkly, plotting something rather mischievious.

England kept wandering around for the next seven minutes, without knowing what America was planning. He also didn't know that this was the time when America started searching for him. He decided just to waitout the game, hoping that he'd win so America would finally sot in Busby's chair, instead of Russia!

England was at a park by now so he sat down on a bench. He closed his eyes, feeling a bit hungry. "I wish I had just eaten lunch instead of listening to America... What I wouldn't give for some nice fish and chips right now... and some nice, hot tea!" England grumbled to himself.

America was looking around for England, wondering where he was. America tried to think like England, but it just wasn't working. He sighed and headed for a nearby park. Then he saw England up ahead in the middle of the park near the lake. America smirked as he snuck up behind him; England didn't notice him at all!

America put his hands on England's shoulders and exclaimed. "I found you! Now it's time for your punishment England!"

England's green eyes shot open and he cursed under his breath. "Damn it..... I thought I'd win...." England growled.

"Well, you didn't!" America responded.

"Alright! Alright! What do you want me to do? Spend all my money on burgers for you? Buy some new video games?" England asked, pissed off.

"Haha! You'll see dude!" America grabbed England's arm and took out some handcuffs.

England's eyes widen. "Why the bloody hell do you have those?!"

"Because I'm a cop! And like I said earlier, time for your punishment~!" With the tone that America used, caused England to shudder.

~Le Timeskip back to England's house brought to you by Japan's manga!~

America smirked as he walked into England's house. "Alright! We're back here! Now let me out of these handcuffs!" England protested.

"No, not yet. I'll take them off once we're done." America replied. He dragged England back to the master bedroom.

"Why the bloody hell did you bring me here?!"

"You should know why...." America's expression darkened a little pervertedly.

England blushed. "W-what?!"

America smirked and leaned forward, kissing England on the lips. England blushed even darker and America pushed him down onto the queen-sized bed. America continued kissing England, knowing that he was enjoying it. America licked England's bottom lip and England hesistantly opened his mouth, letting America explore his newfound territroy.

England moaned a little into the kiss and America pulled away a little, a trail of slavia connecting them. "I knew you'd like this..." America said seductively, making England blush even more.

America's blue eyes moved down England, as if he was a predator and England was his prey. America kissed England again, this time he rubbed his knee against England's growing erection. America smirked into the kiss. England moaned again into the kiss, surprised he was giving into America like this, which he never thought was possible.

America continued rubbing England's erection, which was growing much harder now. America broke the kiss again and moved down England's neck, biting and licking, leaving marks. "Oh America~" England moaned, surprised at how weak he sounded.

"Just call me Alfred," America purred against England's skin. England could only nod, beginning to get breathless and sweat. America continued nipping at England's neck until he got to his collar bone. "Your clothes really are bothersome... I bet they'd look much better on the floor right now..."

England blushed again, his whole face red by now. This only made America smirk even more. England squirmed underneath America as his shirt was removed. America tossed it behind him onto the floor. "I was right, it does look better on the floor." America said sexily as he gazed lustfully at England's bare chest.

America kissed England again, his hands traveling down to England's pant's zipper. America continued kissing him as he took off England's pants. Now England was almost completely exposed to America. "Y-you're not b-being f-fair..." England was already panting.

"Don't worry Arthur~ My clothes will be off soon enough~ And you won the game again~?" America replied.

"Y-you did..." England avoided America's gaze.

America noticed this and put his fingers under England's chin, forcing him to look up at him. "There's no need to be ashamed~ I was going to win no matter what~"

England leaned forward this time and kissed America. As they kissed, America's wandering hands went into England's union jack flag boxers. England gasped, not used to America's foriegn touch. America stopped kissing for a second. "Seems like 'Big Ben' is rather happy to see me~" He chuckled a little, smirking pervertedly.

England said nothing, his face flushed and he was breathless. America went back to kissing him, stroking 'Big Ben' slowly. England began to squirm again as America sped up. He kept moaning into the kiss, much to America's perverted delight. He soon came into America's hand, his scream silenced by their kiss.

America removed his hand from England's boxers and licked his hand clean. "Yo're delicous Arthur, way better than any burger I've ever had." America said, beginning to take off his cop unifprm now. England was barely recovered by the time America had stripped down to his American flag boxers.

America took off England's boxers before taking off his own. He smirked darkly, sending shivers up and down England's spine. America picked up England lightly and put him in his lap. "Are you ready for this Arthur?" America asked.

England nodded. "Y-yes."

"Alright," America began to push in and England cried out in pain. He was unused to the size and the pain. Once America was in all the way he waited for England's approval to go on.  It took about a minute until England nodded for America to continue.

America started out slow, but began picking up speed as time passed. England moaned and screamed loudly, pushing America closer and closer to his climax. England came first, his seed releasing in front of him. "ALFRED!!!!" England screamed, throwing his head back on America's chest.

England's scream of pleasure pushed America over the edge. America screamed as well. "ARTHUR!!!" And he released into England's hole. Afterwards he pulled out, exhausted. Then America collapsed back onto the bed, England on top of him, their hot and sweaty bodies sticking together almost like a glue.

"Here," America released England's bound arms with the handcuffs' key. "I love you Arthur, I always have." America kissed England's cheek.

"I love you too, you git..." England replied before falling asleep with America.
Fuck yeah! I love this! My first lemon for a yaoi couple! I want to do more now! XD England definetly belongs to America now! Lol, I hope you liked this! And I just love this more than anything right now! 'This will make those yaoi fangirls really swoon'- quote from IFSO FACTSO on Youtube. I don't own anything, and that quote is so true! Also there are five yaoi couples metioned and/or named in this fanfic! If you can tell me all of them, you get a cookie and a hug! Peace out yo!
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